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Meet The Team 


Denise Lehr | Proprietor | Agent

Denise Lehr
Direct: 650.464.2919
Office: 650.595.5500
Fax: 650.595.5039
CA BRE License #: 01221161

Denise and Alex Lehr have been together since 1986, just ten years after Alex’s father started the company. Right away Denise brought the four children into it, stuffing envelopes, sweeping up porches before open houses, passing out flyers, and eventually getting licensed themselves. Denise, whose card reads “real estate concierge”, is instrumental in staging the homes and overseeing the teamwork that sets Lehr apart.

“We are a boutique agency, customizing our response to the client’s needs, whether the client is a bank, a Wall Street investor or a neighbor down the street. Everyone gets personal service.” Most people, Denise points out, are overwhelmed when they’re getting ready to move. Lehr’s fleet of heavy equipment (including dump trucks, moving trucks and tractors) and its instantly accessible team of experts, from movers to tax accountants to contractors mean that every Lehr transaction is a custom transaction. “We help with anything they need,” Denise says, “and we make sure the work gets done.”

Gabriella Lehr | Listing Coordinator

Gabriella Lehr
Direct: 650.787.2974
Office: 650.595.5500
Fax: 650.595.5039

Gabriella Lehr, the youngest Lehr daughter, acts as the listing coordinator, getting properties ready for the market, identifying clients’ needs and acting as a full-service support system. “Many times people think of the idea of selling their home as overwhelming. Once they work with us they realize we have people in place every step of the way to make the process as easy as possible.”

The cheerful atmosphere in the Lehr office, Gabriella says, comes from the family connection, and is contagious. “We get our work done; we take that part very seriously, but we’re a family and we like to have fun too. Our clients sense that as soon as they come in.” The family-like rapport extends to the work as well; “I’ll be texting with a client till 10:30 pm; they know that if they have a question any time of day or night, we’ll get it answered.” Complementary hauling and staging are some of the services that set Lehr apart, says Lehr. “Clients can’t believe how above and beyond we will go for them but for us its just part of our everyday.”

Valerie Ford | Agent

Valerie Ford
Direct: 650.520.6824
Office: 650.595.5500
Fax: 650.595.5039
CA BRE License #: 01880634

Denise Lehr’s sister Valerie Ford is an experienced agent, customer service representative and educator. Having worked at a big box agency where the profit motive was foremost, Ford appreciates the camaraderie of working with family and extending the family welcome to clients, who she’s happy to inform about the many pre-marketed listings Lehr offers. At Lehr, Ford says, “everybody’s dedicated and everybody looks out for everyone else. We don’t pass it on and hope it gets done; we’re a small group but very mighty.” When each member of the business wants the others to succeed, there’s more time to concentrate on what’s best for the client, and clients notice. “Clients would rather work with a company like ours; we’re easy to reach, and whoever they get hold of knows what’s going on.”


Tori Aranda | Alex's Assistant | Agent

Tori Aranda
Direct: 650.464.3900
Office: 650.595.5500
Fax: 650.595.5039
CA BRE License #: 01912519

Tori Aranda, the eldest of the four Lehr children, grew up as part of the company. “Growing up,” she says, “every summer and every winter break I’d go in to the office and work for my dad. I remember being in fourth grade, answering phones. My dad instilled successful sales methods in me; if I had to sell Girl Scout cookies or was doing fundraisers at school, he didn’t go sell them at the office like other parents did. He’d make me practice a script, practice it in front of other people and then go present it to the office or to his clients.”

Aranda earned her Real Estate license in 2012 and in 2015 graduated from Menlo College as a finance major. The family business aspect appeals because, as she says, “our clients literally become friends; we go to their housewarming parties and maintain our relationships long after the transaction is complete.”

Cristina Montiel | Transaction Coordinator | Agent

Cristina Montiel
Direct: 650.200.7335
Office: 650.595.5500
Fax: 650.595.5039
CA BRE License #: 02028444
Languages: English, Spanish, Portugese


Cristina is Lehr Real Estate’s transaction coordinator and as Alex says “the air traffic controller of the deal.” With a background in property management, Cristina fell in love with real estate. Her customer service skills and commitment to perfection have allowed her to efficiently manage and close millions of dollars in business. 

When Cristina’s not at work, you may catch her dancing the salsa and samba in local performances! You may also see her each spring at the Filoli Flower Show showcasing her talent as a certified floral designer. 


Francisco Ortiz | Client Services

Francisco Ortiz

Office: 650.595.5500
Fax: 650.595.5039

Francisco is Lehr Real Estate’s ‘go to’ man when it comes to all client needs. Whether its moving furniture, cleaning out the garage, making garbage runs with the dump truck, touch up painting, fixing small things around the house or getting the last minute landscaping done… Francisco truly does it all! Francisco has well rounded knowledge in all facets of the home maintenance industry and giving the client a great experience is his top priority. With Francisco you can always count on a big smile, can-do attitude and if you’re lucky, he may even tell you one of his famous jokes! 

Katie Ratto | Property Management | Agent

Katie Ratto
Direct: 650.888.9486
Office: 650.595.5500
Fax: 650.595.5039
CA BRE License #: 02015791

Katie joined the Lehr team after graduating from Sacramento State in 2016 with a major in Sociology. With her family’s in the construction industry, Katie was raised in the business and has developed an eye for detail. Katie handles Lehr Real Estate’s landlord-tenant services along with assisting her clients in buying and selling throughout the Bay Area. FYI…if you ever have lunch with Katie, you will not see a vegetable ANYWHERE on her plate :)

AJ Lehr | Agent

AJ Lehr
Direct: 650.863.6657
Office: 650.595.5500
Fax: 650.595.5039
CA BRE License #: 01922270

Namesake to Alex Lehr, Alex Junior (A.J.) started out in the business as a kid stuffing envelopes, listening as agents spoke to prospective clients, cleaning houses. Licensed now, he focuses on knocking on doors daily trying to find the right home for the company’s long list of buyers. Working in the business since he was a child, A.J. sees first hand what clients appreciate about Lehr.

“When we do it, it’s from start to finish. We go into a house and we all make sure that the sellers have hardly anything to worry about; we do yard work, line up painters, take care of structural things, have it inspected and stage it.” Lehr Junior feels thankful that he’s been exposed to the business world from a tender age, and that he can be part of a dedicated team. “We get a lot of compliments on how we go above and beyond.”

Drew Lehr | Field Marketing

Drew Lehr

Office: 650.595.5500
Fax: 650.595.5039

Drew is the youngest of the Lehr children, and as Alex says “the last of the indentured servants.” Drew handles the field marketing for Lehr Real Estate. He may have handed you an invitation for an open house around the corner or left information about a recently sold property on your front porch. Drew will be attending the College of San Mateo while developing his real estate skill set at Lehr Real Estate. When Lehr says family business…they mean it! 

Drew has a passion for the outdoors so if you don’t see him in your neighborhood he’s probably fishing or riding dirt bikes!


Mike Aranda | Agent

Mike Aranda
Direct: 650.200.8259
Office: 650.595.5500
Fax: 650.595.5039
CA BRE License #: 01912520

Being a Real Estate agent is all about learning “how to assess people’s needs, help them create a plan of action and provide them with the best customer service that can be there for them every step of the way” says Mike Aranda. Going door to door to assess the local market can be intimidating, he says, but people he talks to love how family-oriented Lehr is; “by the time we’re done working with eachother, our clients become part of our ‘family’ and we become part of theirs.” Since getting his real estate license in 2012, Aranda’s daily goal has been knocking on 140 doors each day to help find homes for clients looking in specific areas but his ultimate goal is “finding someone who needs our help.”  What’s important, he says, as he learns the business from Alex Lehr, “is knowing the right direction to guide them, and asking the right questions, so we’re not wasting their time.” Aranda describes Lehr Real Estate as “an amazing place to be; honestly, I haven’t had a bad day yet.” Mike Aranda is the newest addition to the Lehr family after marrying Alex and Denise's oldest daughter, Tori, in January 2017.


Alex Lehr | Proprietor | Broker

Alex Lehr
Direct: 650.766.5300
Office: 650.595.5500
Fax: 650.595.5039
CA BRE License #: 00867442
Languages: English, Spanish

My objective is to see the changing market trends between 6 and 12 months ahead says proprietor Alex Lehr, who has been in the real estate business for almost 3 decades. Lehr clients get the advantage of this intense scrutiny of the economic data and social trends which influence the local real estate market. His opinion has been sought out by The New York Times and KPIX Channel 5 News, where he’s been featured in studio and on location as a local real estate expert. He and his ‘grassroots’ marketing team speak directly with over 30,000 property owners per year which gives them an advantage of knowing the real pulse of the market along with locating a wide variety of properties to sell ‘off market’. “This direct approach towards marketing allows our clients to design their plan for real estate versus hoping their plan will work out as many other agents must do”, says Lehr.

The real estate concierge vision that Lehr holds for he and his team is one that they fit into naturally and a reason that professionals from other fields such as attorneys and accountants commonly refer their clients to Lehr with confidence. Whether it’s high end equity sellers or people in distress…from first-time buyers to those selling the homes of a loved one who’s recently passed, both Lehr and his team have handled it all. “My clients consist of everyone from billionaires to those barely getting by. As a result, it allows me the versatility to negotiate with a deep understanding of the motivators in the marketplace.”

Lehr couples the youth and enthusiasm of his marketing team with his decades of experience to create a premier marketing and selling team for his clients to achieve unparalleled results