Lehr Family

If you couldn’t already tell, at Lehr Real Estate’s core is family. Here is what we’re up to off the clock!

Alex Lehr at King of the Motos (Johnson Valley, Ca)

2015 Geico Endurocross Amateur Champion Mike Aranda (Ontario, CA)

Gabriella Lehr and Tori Lehr on their summer Europe Trip (Prague, Czech Republic)

Gabriella Lehr Water Skiing (Lake Shasta, Ca)

Troy Mozzetti with his 3 daughters 

Gabriella's buck at the Lehr Family Deer Hunting Trip (Park Valley, UT)

Mike Aranda at the X-Games Step Up Qualifier (Las Vegas, NV)

Denise Lehr holding the American flag at the 2016 ISDE (Kosice, Slovakia)

Alex Lehr, AJ Lehr and Denise Lehr at 2016 ISDE (Kosice, Slovakia)

Mike Aranda and Tori Lehr at Tori's graduation from Menlo College (Atherton, Ca)

AJ Lehr representing Team USA at the International Six Day Enduro (Kosice, Slovakia)

Off The Clock